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In the very course of being human, we often turn to literature, the arts, religion, philosophy, and history as we seek meaning, beauty, and connection in our lives. Increasingly, we have also turned to technology. How might we use computers and digital media to make new discoveries in the arts and the humanities? How might we use digital methods to communicate or share our explorations of what it means to be human? What do human factors such as race and gender have to do with tech? Can digital media and computational research help solve problems of social inequities, or do they mostly exacerbate them? We will explore these questions by experimenting with tools and methods in digital humanities and by addressing critical questions about the role of digital technology in society.

This is a collaborative, hands-on project-based course. You do not need any technical background or programming experience. This course has NO prerequisites.


Spring 2020

W 3-5:40
Zarrow Hall 115

Prof. Caroline T. Schroeder

ctschroeder [at] ou.edu

Carnegie 119

Student Hours:
W 10-11
Most Tuesdays 3-4
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Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • use one or more digital and/or computational methods to investigate humanistic and arts-related research questions
  • publish or share research and creative work in the humanities and arts in at least one digital modality
  • articulate analyses of critical questions about technology and society, such as race, gender, and cultural heritage in digital media
  • understand and address issues of openness, privacy, property rights for diverse individuals and communities in digital scholarly communications