Assignments and Evaluation

Please note: we as a class may collaboratively change the assignment list and grading policies in Week 2 depending on the size of the class.
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Digital Tutorials: Hands on tutorials with guides using tools/methods of digital humanities research with results posted to course blog; these will be completed mostly in class
Blog Posts: Blog posts with questions/prompts about the readings to private course blog; due 9 pm the day before class
Responses to Blog Posts: Substantive responses to student posts on private course blog; due before class
Digital Portfolio: Create your own website and showcase class learning
Participation and Attendance: Engaged, respectful engagement in class with course material, peers, professor
Collaborative Project: Required for an A in the course

We will be using Specifications Grading in this course

This method of assessment is designed to encourage you to take ownership of your own education. Everything will be assessed as “Satisfactory” or “Incomplete” based on whether it fulfills the stated learning goals. “Satisfactory” and “Incomplete” do not correspond to “Pass” and “Fail”. Instead, Incomplete translates best to “Not done yet”. You can revise your work using the token system. Satisfactory work that shows originality or complexity will be evaluated as Excellent and will earn extra tokens. The final grade in the course will be based on the bundle of assignments completed at the Satisfactory level. Each assignment (including Participation) will be evaluated Incomplete/Satisfactory/Excellent based using a rubric.

Collaborative Final Project:
-Satisfactory individual grade
-Satisfactory group grade
9 complete digital tutorials8 complete digital tutorials7 complete digital tutorials6 complete digital tutorials
4 Blog Posts4 Blog Posts3 Blog Posts2 Blog Posts
7 Days of Blog Responses7 Days of Blog Responses6 Days of Blog Responses5 Days of Blog Responses
Website DH Portfolio with 3 components (2 tutorials, project)Website DH Portfolio with 3 components (3 tutorials)Website DH Portfolio with 2 components (2 tutorials)Website DH Portfolio with 1 component (tutorial)
Satisfactory participationSatisfactory participationSatisfactory participation
No more than 1 absenceNo more than 1 absenceNo more than 2 absencesNo more than 3 absences

Each student begins the semester with 3 tokens. Excellent work, attending special events, and other items on the syllabus earn more tokens.

3 tokens = erase an absence
1 token= revise & resubmit a blog post, tutorial, or day of responses; due 48 hours after prof releases evaluations of assignment
1 token = 24 hour extension on a tutorial
1 token = 12 hour extension on blog post
1 token per person = revise a phase of the group project; 24 hour extension on a phase of the group project (except presentation & final revisions)

Pro tip! Come to class. Use your tokens for revisions!

For absences you can wait to the end of the semester to exchange tokens & erase

There are no excused/ unexcused absences. Use tokens. Contact me if you have an extended illness, long-term emergency, etc., to make a plan.