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More Digital Portfolio Instructions

On your personal website (created on OU Create), you will showcase your learning in this class by creating up to three pages. 

  • If you are doing a final project, one of the pages will be about the final project
  • The other pages will be revisions of your work on your Digital Tutorials

The Digital Tutorial pages will involve:

  • A separate page or post for each one with a snappy title (not just “Using Voyant”), tags, and/or categories.  (If you use your website for other things, you can create a DH or Digital Humanities category for your pages/posts for this class, for example.)
  • A cogent explanation of your research question, data/sources, and method
  • A cogent explanation of your results
  • Illustrations of your work (screenshots, images downloaded, etc.)
  • Citations of your tools, data/sources, and anything else you use (such as readings from class that informed your work, tutorials, etc.)
    • Link in the text
    • Also have a list of sources at the end of your post; I don’t care the format as long as it’s consistent, and if your tool or data source or whatever specifies a way to cite it, use their language. (AntConc, Voyant, Programming Historian tutorials, plus possibly some others, all have “how to cite” info on their websites.)
  • Write in a style for a public audience that may not know what Voyant is, etc.
  • Write clearly, free of errors that obscure meaning.

You MAY use Omeka as one of your pages; in this case you would write about the same things as above regarding Omeka and link to the Omeka site.

You don’t need to get into a nitty gritty step by step of what you did; you have a research question, sources, methods you explain briefly and then spend more time on your results/what you’ve learned.

The first page is due before class March 25, 2020.  Upload a link to your page to Canvas.

Given the situation with classes and the virus, please be in touch if you have trouble with internet connectivity, a family crisis, etc.

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