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Check in: Last week of Class!!

It’s the last week of class! I’ll miss you all very much. I know it’s been hard, and also I’ve learned a lot from you. Here is the video and audio check in for the last week of class.
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Welcome back from Dr. S

Here is a little video message I made for you. Take good care, and talk to you soon!!!

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Update 3/12 re online course mode

In general, I will be trying to provide a high quality educational experience for you – you deserve it.  I know we are all stressed by the situation, though, so please: do what you need to do to be healthy and safe first and address this class second. We will all need to be generous and patient with each other.  You have my cell phone #– reach out if you are stressed, confused, or just want to say hi!

Connectivity:  If you have any problems with high-speed internet connectivity, please send me an email or text from your mobile phone so we can figure out a solution or alternative.

Class after break:  Please block out the whole class time Wed 3-5:40; we will spend some time just getting used to the format.  We will spend sometime all together as a group. We may spend some time with each of you in one on one convos with me.  Check your email, texts and the PRIVATE STUDENT BLOG for details about how we will meet (Zoom, FaceTime, etc.).

Revised assignments:

Blog posts: will continue as scheduled. Please be sure to post QUESTIONS in the post. Blog posts are still due at 9 pm Tuesdays.

Days there are readings but no student posts assigned: I will post to the student blog with some questions. So always check the blog Tuesday nights!!

Class participation/comments:  We will no longer use comments to the blog as part of the grade; instead they will be folded into class participation.  To achieve Satisfactory participation each day of class:

  • Respond with at least one response to each post on the blog for that day.
  • Each response should be internally coherent on one theme.  (Use multiple responses to address multiple questions or themes.)
  • Each response should engage one or more specific things in the readings
  • THREAD responses: respond to each other’s comments if you’re on the same theme/question
  • Authors of original blog posts should respond substantively to one or more comments on their post and respond to the other post if there is one.
  • Attend our abbreviated online discussion, via Zoom or FaceTime or Google Hangouts (TBA) during regularly scheduled class time
  • Attend individual consults with Dr. S. to be scheduled during our regularly scheduled class time.

Whenever possible, please post responses/comments early (rather than right before classtime) so that people can reply and have conversations.

Digital Tutorials will continue: they may be a little different, because we may not have as many opportunities for one on one mentoring and helping. I will modify as necessary.

Digital Portfolio on your personal websites (OU Create) will continue. I will post more instructions and a rubric today or tomorrow. 

Final Project will continue:  We will discuss ideas in class on the Wednesday after break.  The priority will be to enable you to create something independently using one or more methods in class.  Start thinking about research questions, themes/things that interest you, data sets (texts, images, other data), etc., for class the Wed. after break.

Take care!!!