Assignments In Class Activities Misc announcements

Links to Lowe article & class video

Class video for April 15 is on CANVAS, login necessary (most secure option)

Lowe article pdf also on Canvas

Assignments In Class Activities Misc announcements

Week 12 Update: New Zoom links, assignment info


Welcome to week 12! Here’s an overview with some important announcements:

  • NEW ZOOM LINKS are on the Private Student Blog. OU increased security, and now the links have all changed. CHECK IT OUT please.
  • Wed assignments: Readings are the same for Wed on the schedule. There are options for the videos about 3d scanning (you also can listen on audio– play it on your headphones while you’re out for a walk or doing laundry or whatever).
  • Wed “class”: We will have a guest, Dr. Garrett from the Libraries who works in the 3d Scanning Lab during our Zoom session Wed. Please lmk if you can’t make it to our class meeting. As usual we will keep it short.
  • Keep working on your portfolios and projects. PLEASE LMK when you want another one on one consult. I will have more instructions on the project this week.
  • The 3d Model Digital Tutorial will be up later this week. You’ll have some options.
  • Next week: still updating next week (Week 13’s) readings. I will be adding more links to 3d scanned items related to readings in lieu of a visit to the AR/VR lab.

As always, I hope you and your loved ones are well!