Assignments Digital Tutorials


This week’s Digital Tutorial is on the basic code that runs the web: HTML. CSS is shorthand for cascading style sheets, a way to format your web pages and easily change that formatting. There are three levels of challenges to this Digital Tutorial. Do what you can depending on your existing familiarity with HTML:

  1. If you’ve never used HTML code before, use the basic HTML tutorial to create a web page; upload it to Canvas or better yet upload it to your OU Create server space (instructions in this tutorial on Subdomains and Uploading Files) and enter the link to your subdomain on Canvas.
  2. If you’ve never used CSS before, try making a second page using a style sheet. Upload your original page (created in #1), and the new page plus CSS to your domain. If you follow the tutorial, I’ll see a link to your new page on your index page you created in #1.
  3. If you already knew HTML and CSS before taking this class or just want a challenge, try one of these (both require creating an account on GitHub, a site where people write/share/deploy code):
    1. Dr. Miriam Posner’s tutorial to create a page on GitHub pages
    2. Use a set of templates called Bootstrap to make a web page.

Whatever you choose to do is fine with me. I will stay on Zoom the full class time. Ping me if are working on it during that time and you want to trouble-shoot.

Assignment will be considered complete if you send me a page of HTML or link to your page online. Due Friday 11:59 pm Oklahoma time.

If you get stuck, step away, take a breath, and try again a few hours later. If you are still stuck again, you always message/email me for a time to work through it one on one.

Added Tues night: Here’s a video introduction to the tutorial!