In Class Activities

Websites used in spatial history/mapping day (click on Places)

Find a passage in the article on spatial history that helps describe what the map(s) or website(s) you’re looking at is/are doing.

Then consider also: “space” is not an inhuman, unchanging object. Answer as many of the following questions as you can with your map/website:

  • How does space change over time?
  • Who inhabits the space?
  • How do the boundaries of the space change?
  • How do perceptions of the space change?
  • Who has power in that space and who does not?


Assignments Digital Tutorials

DT 4: Mapping and Spatial Studies

There are many many tools for creating maps: Google maps, Palladio, Tableau, Carto, LeafletJS, ArcGIS, QGIS… the list goes on. The key to ALL of them is structured, georeferenced data.

For this assignment, create TWO maps with TWO different tools. You have tutorials for Tableau Public, Google My Maps, and Palladio. Post to the course blog:

  • TWO maps created with TWO different tools. (Screenshots ok or screenshots + live links for Google and Tableau, Palladio screenshots only work)
  • For each map explain the dataset in words someone who doesn’t know the dataset can understand
  • For each map link to the dataset
  • For each map name and link to the tools
  • For each map explain what the map tells you about your data

Due end of day Friday.