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Voyant Tutorial Assignment

Do the actual tutorial on Voyant. Then:

  1. Post to the course blog what you learned/didn’t learn about at least ONE of our corpora using Voyant tools.
  2. Respond to at least two people’s posts.

Corpora are:

  • Lincoln sermons
  • My mystery test corpus
  • Corpora within Voyant (including Shakespeare)

A satisfactory blog post will achieve benchmark #1 below and 4 from benchmarks 2-6:

  1. Refer to one or more of our readings on text analysis
  2. Include at least one image from Voyant
  3. Document your sources: document and link to tools, corpus, readings, anything else you use
  4. Traditional blog elements (title, category, tags)
  5. Use clear writing
  6. Is organized into clear paragraphs, text and media flow

Respond to two other posts, as well.

Due Friday 1/31.

NOTE: to embed an image (static or live) use the Custome HTML block in WordPress (click the plus to add a new block, go to Formatting blocks, select “custom HTML”)

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