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DT 6: Items and Collections in Omeka

Your assignment for the this Digital Tutorial is to post items to our Omeka site, ensure they are legitimately sourced and reusable online, index them with proper metadata, and ensure they are in appropriate collections. [Note as discussed in class, we’ll do Collections next week. updated 3/4/2020] [also as discussed in class please add three items in addition to the one you added in class Wed. Thanks!]

To receive full credit on this assignment:

  • Post the required number of objects (please do not repeat objects with another peer; I will instruct you on the number in class and update this post). Objects must be:
    • from a reputable source and are likely to be valid
    • reusable (check licensing, website info)
    • appropriate for the site topic and issues
  • Ensure metadata for items is complete (see tutorial Section 3)
  • Ensure each item is in at least one Collection
  • Ensure each item is visible publicly & accessible on the site, with tags
  • Entries should be complete and with correct spelling, checked for consistency

Please be sure to proofread and review for accuracy:

  • Ensure the metadata is complete
  • Check for spelling and accuracy
  • Check for consistency

Suggestions for locating content: museum sites and academic sites are often the most reliable sources. Pinterest is the least reliable. Wikimedia Commons and Flickr can be pretty reliable, also. For museums: British Museum, Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Smithsonian (DC) have images of objects with licensing that allows reuse. The Bible Odyssey site run by the Society of Biblical Literature may have material.

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