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DT3: Dataviz with Tableau

There are a number of ways to visualized structured data in spreadsheets. For this tutorial we are using the tool Tableau Public.

Complete the Tableau Public tutorial steps 1-9 to create a chart and 14-16 to share your chart.

Play around — try different chart types with your data, like a bar chart or a pie chart.

Post to the course blog a post with one or more charts (not maps — we have another assignment for maps).

  • Describe and link to the dataset you use for your chart — explain it enough in words so that someone unfamiliar with your dataset knows what it is.
  • Tell us and link to the tool you used.
  • Provide at least one chart: embed it (if you can in WP) or screenshot; you also can screenshot + link to the live chart online in your dashboard on Tableau Public
  • Your chart(s) should have a title, some chart styles should have a legend
  • Describe what the chart(s) show(s) us about your data!

Due on the course blog at the end of the day Friday.

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