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DT 5: Social Network Analysis

Your assignment is to post to the private class blog a social network graph you made in Palladio and explain what it shows. Use either the tutorial using data about help during the holocaust or the tutorial using the Cushman photo collection data (step 8). For a satisfactory grade, the post should:

  • include at least one image of a social network graph (probably a screenshot)
  • Describe the data and link to it
  • Explain what the graph shows and what you learn from it
  • Make a substantive reference to one or more of the readings about social network analysis in your explanation (and link to the reading!)
  • Cite and link to the tool
  • Cite and link to the tutorial used
  • Clarity of writing

The post is due by the end of the day Friday 2/28.

Assignments Digital Tutorials

DT3: Dataviz with Tableau

There are a number of ways to visualized structured data in spreadsheets. For this tutorial we are using the tool Tableau Public.

Complete the Tableau Public tutorial steps 1-9 to create a chart and 14-16 to share your chart.

Play around — try different chart types with your data, like a bar chart or a pie chart.

Post to the course blog a post with one or more charts (not maps — we have another assignment for maps).

  • Describe and link to the dataset you use for your chart — explain it enough in words so that someone unfamiliar with your dataset knows what it is.
  • Tell us and link to the tool you used.
  • Provide at least one chart: embed it (if you can in WP) or screenshot; you also can screenshot + link to the live chart online in your dashboard on Tableau Public
  • Your chart(s) should have a title, some chart styles should have a legend
  • Describe what the chart(s) show(s) us about your data!

Due on the course blog at the end of the day Friday.

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